"How Kratom, like coffee, can give you the perfect boost of energy"

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When you're looking for that perfect pick-me up after a long day, sometimes coffee just won't cut it. Instead opt for Kratom which is like the younger energy brother of caffeine and can be used to give your body a more natural boost than anything else on the market today!

Kratom powder, Kratom Leaf

Kratom comes from Southeast Asia where local farmers have been using its leaves as an herbal remedy since ancient times because they produce similar effects to stimulants such as tea or coffee but with none of their undesirable side effects.


Kratom is a new and unknown plant to most people. It's not as well-known as coffee, but it does share some similarities with the popular beverage. Kratom is in the family of plants classified as Rubiaceae, as is coffee. However, the two have a very different alkaloid content and profile all together. For instance, the main alkaloid present in coffee is 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine or caffeine as its commonly known. The content of caffeine is about 1%-2.5% by weight of dry green coffee beans. In terms of profile, coffee plants contain only two different alkaloids, purine alkaloid like Caffeine and pyridine alkaloid like Trigonelline. Trigonelline is and has been investigated


Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa as it’s known in the scientific community, is a colossal assortment of multiple alkaloids and capacities. Kratom contains at least 54 alkaloids! Now you’re probably thinking, what’s with all this alkaloid talk? Well, if you consider that coffee with just 2 alkaloids has about 58% (193,000,000 people) of the U.S. population drinking it to wake up in the morning, just imagine what Kratom with 54 alkaloids can do for you! While all alkaloids contribute to the complex effects of Kratom, the main ones responsible are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Both are partial agonists, or bind to and activate receptors inside of us. For thousands of years in certain pockets of the planet, where Kratom naturally grows, native people of the land have been consuming and enjoying the multiple benefits of Kratom. Like coffee, there are different kinds of Kratom strains or species, each with its own unique ability to help in your well-being. There is Kratom for natural sustained energy. There is Kratom for mental clarity and mood enhancement. Also, there’s Kratom for things such as anxiety, sleep aid, and so forth.

 Kratom Leaf, Kratom Powder

If you’re looking to switch from coffee or tea to Kratom, then go with green or white strains of Kratom. Most importantly, go for high quality, all natural, 100% pure Kratom from a trusted source. You have your go-to coffee for a reason. You would want to have a go-to Kratom source as well. Kratom isn’t like coffee, in that you wouldn’t want to brew it, add sugar and creamer to it. In that regard it’s more like a tea. You could boil some water, add Kratom, honey and lemon to it (it helps with the natural taste). You could also purchase Kratom in capsule form, doing away with all the hassle. In the end, however you choose to enjoy your Kratom just know that you’re in many ways sharing in a tradition that dates back thousands of years and you’ll reap the same rewards.


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