Kratom Resources

At SOL Botanicals we see ourselves as a key resource to all kratom news, questions, and answers. Additionally we pride ourselves in supplying quality kratom products that have been tested by independent third party laboratories for quality, potency, and efficacy. 


Please find below a list of curated links and resources we hope you find useful as much as we loved putting them together.


Lab Results - unfortunately not all kratom is created equal. Quality kratom must be independently lab tested for microbiology, heavy metals, and alkaloids. If your online kratom vendor does not provide lab results, stay away! 

Kratom Reviews - looking for kratom product reviews? Look no further. See for yourself what previous customers are saying about our kratom products. All kratom reviews have been voluntarily written by verified buyers.

History Of Kratom - interesting in knowing more about this wonderful plant? Head over to our page for a shallow but informative history of kratom.  

Kratom For Pain - how is kratom used today? There are many uses for kratom, but here we dive into how people are using kratom for pain. 

Kratom Blog - Join the discussion related to kratom news, kratom products, policy changes affecting our industry, and more...

Is Kratom Legal? - In this guide we hope to shed more light on the state of affairs of kratom and display a list of states where kratom is legal