Is Kratom Legal in Alabama in 2021?

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(last updated: 1/5/2021)


Is Kratom Legal in Alabama?

In 2016, the Alabama Senate decided to make kratom illegal because mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, the two most active alkaloids found in kratom, are controlled substances under Alabama law. 

According to the wording of the bill, both kratom alkaloids fall under synthetic substances. This is wildly inaccurate, kratom is a plant and its properties are exactly as nature intended, not adulterated or synthesized in any way. 

Perhaps, the real reason for the ban is that in spite of the many health benefits associated with Kratom, the Alabama authorities have labeled kratom as a compound with no “accepted use in medical purposes”, but with a “high abuse potential”.


Can you Buy Kratom in Alabama?

Since Kratom is not legal in Alabama, buying, selling, and possessing Kratom is currently a felony in this state, which is why we advise you not to attempt to order powder, capsules, extracts, or any other forms of Kratom for as long as this remains the case.

Fortunately, you have a voice to help make Kratom legal in Alabama. The Consumer Protection Act is a piece of legislation that would allow consumers to be able to keep buying Kratom legally while also helping to ban the sale of dangerous and adulterated products. 

This legislation will help establish understanding that neither of the two active alkaloids found in kratom, mitragynine or 7-hydroxymitragynine, are synthetic substances. It will also protect the consumer in knowing that if they buy from reputable kratom vendors online, their product will be organic, authentic, and most importantly, unadulterated. Check out what we're doing for transparency of our kratom. 


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